Vegas Odds Put Phillies in the Lead to Land Harper, Machado

By Frank Klose, Sports Talk Philly editor

It’s here.  The famous 2018-2019 MLB offseason is finally upon us.  This year’s free agent class is loaded with big name players and teams such as the Phillies are salivating over some of them.  The two biggest are outfielder Bryce Harper and infielder Manny Machado.  Perhaps you were aware that both are free-agents-to-be.

But on this first day of the offseason, new odds were released in Vegas as to where some of the big names will sign.  The Phillies found themselves listed as the top favorite to land both Harper and Machado, according to oddsmaker Bovada:

Of course, the Phillies will have to get to the finish line. The Phillies have plenty of money to make deals happen. 

At times, some have suggested that the Phillies might be able to land both players.  In either case, the Phillies would be added a much-needed offensive presence to their lineup that contains slugger Bryce Harper and many young players.

This offseason is a crucial one for the Phillies, who have not been able to develop impact-level talent like those approaching free agency. 

One reason Harper and Machado are particularly attractive is their young age.  Harper and Machado will hit free agency at age 26, meaning teams might be more likely to sign them long-term

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