What we’re thankful for in Philly Sports for 2017


It's entirely natural to be thankful for the things that are prominent in our lives, especially things that are especially meaningful for us.

In the world of sports, there are things that excite us, leave us in a state of wonder, and things that bring us together.

This Thanksgiving, there are so many things in the world of Philly Sports that we are thankful for, especially when the Eagles and Sixers are prevalent as winning teams in this city.

The editors of Sports Talk Philly took time to share what they are most thankful for about Philadelphia sports on this Thanksgiving Day.

Josh Liddick: @JoshLiddickTalk

This Thanksgiving in the world of Philly sports, there really isn't a better thing to be thankful for in Sixers basketball, than Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

Two transcendent players on the same roster at the same time hardly happens in the slightest. When Allen Iverson played for the Sixers in the early 2000's, he transformed the game because of his superstardom, and he was the only player on the team that had as much success as he had.

Now, the Sixers have both Embiid and Simmons who are so young, yet so promising. The Sixers haven't found success as a team in many seasons, but with the additions of these players, along with an optimistic future with Markelle Fultz, being thankful for this team is a no-brainer.

The Sixers leave me speechless every time I watch them now, and they are exciting to follow. I am thankful for the great moments we have witnessed so far and enthusiastic about the future that awaits us.

Kevin Durso: @Kevin_Durso

Well, as Thanksgiving hits, the Flyers are on a six-game losing streak and have a 2-4-4 record in the month of November. They haven't won a game since Nov. 9. It's hard to find much to be thankful for at the point.
That said, there is still something, the silver lining on this entire season for the Flyers. The youth movement is upon us.
There was the unexpected surprise of having the second overall pick and landing Nolan Patrick. There are the additions of Robert Hagg, Travis Sanheim and now Sam Morin to the Flyers blue line. There is a host of players in the 25 and under club who are just starting to get playing time on a regular basis in the NHL.
So while it may be hard to find a reason to be thankful for the Flyers, here's where you can find some hope. The Flyers have a young core. They are starting to bring it to the pinnacle of professional hockey. It may be trial by fire and learning on the fly, but that will pay off for the Flyers down the road, even if this season is difficult to watch at times.

Jesse Larch: @JesseLarch

The Eagles have given us a ton to be thankful for this season. Obviously Carson Wentz is at the top of the list, as the second year quarterback has taken a leap without historical precedent in his second season. After throwing 16 touchdowns last season Wentz has already eclipsed that number with a league-leading 25 touchdowns in just ten games this season.
As great as the North Dakota native has been, Wentz is not the only thing to be thankful for with this team. We have a rushing attack that has three players contributing regularly and averaging 144.6 yards per game, good enough for second best in the NFL. To go with the elite rushing offense, the Eagles have an even better rushing defense, ranking first in the NFL. 
We can be thankful for Howie Roseman's virtuosic performance since taking the reigns back from Chip Kelly. Roseman has built a deep roster that plays smashmouth football better than any team in the league, that is incredibly young, and that has left no argument that they are the best team in football. 
What we can be most thankful is that when we sit down with our families today that any mention of the Birds will be positive. No more "they need to fire that coach." No more "this quarterback can't play." For the first time since 2004, there is nothing to complain about with the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Frank Klose: @FrankKlose

Thinking about this past year in Philadelphia baseball, I must think that I am most grateful for the life of Roy Halladay.  While it's true we mourn the loss of his life – one that was entirely too short – his death had us reflect upon just who Roy Halladay was.  Halladay was not just an elite pitcher; he was an elite human being.

Halladay was one of the scariest pitchers to watch throw.  Even from the stands, I felt afraid for the hitters that faced him.   A fierce competitor, nothing was going to stand in Roy's way.  His Cy Young season of 2010 included 250 innings – a feat that I do not know will be matched again.  Chris Sale lead all of MLB in 2017 with 214 1/3 innings.  With the perfect game and a postseason no-hitter, we witnessed a season that may never be matched again.

And once Halladay retired, he went from scary mound monster to huggable teddy bear. We got to know him personally on Twitter as he shared the joys of his retirement that included his love of flying, his love of family, and his desire to help mentor young players.  We learned upon his passing many more examples of his generosity in his Pasco County community.  We also got to learn more about his loving family and the life he lived with them.

While this terrible tragedy still really hurts deeply, I am grateful for having had the opportunity to witness Roy Halladay the baseball player and Roy Halladay the human being.  May he rest in peace.

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