Phillies Call Up Catcher Erik Kratz to Save the Season: Jim Thome to the DL


Totally awesome – the Phillies have called up catcher Erik Kratz, to replace Jim Thome who is headed to the disabled list candidate because of his 42 year-old back.

For the Iron Pigs, Kratz may have been one of their most reliable hitters, hitting .294 with four doubles and three home runs.   Why Kratz?

Here are a few reasons:

  1. He has minor league options.  They can send him down quickly when they need a roster spot, and he is arleady on the 40 man roster.
  2. Everyone else sucks except one other guy.  One of the guys who sucks is Domonic Brown, hitting .253 no home runs, and boasts a lusty .643 OPS.
  3. They don't think Cody Overbeck is ready or ever going to be ready for the majors – or at least not enough to have them use a 40-man roster spot.   Overbeck is hitting .310 with 2 home runs and 14 RBI in the early going, but this is probably the best indication that the Phillies won't use him.

So, what exactly will the Phillies do with Kratz?  On the Jorge scale of 1-10 he gets a 2.  He may get one start at catcher to be nice, but probably will be kept on the bench until the end as the backup catcher, meaning that Carlos Ruiz or Brian Schneider (whoever isn't starting) will be a pinch hitter that day.

For some fun, watch Kratz collide with big man Prince Fielder.  Kratz wins.



Headline h/t to @AgentPalmer