Flyers Fans Take to GoFundMe to Voice Displeasure with the Organization

Flyers Screen ShotPhoto: Screenshot of GoFundMe Page


By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Editor

Philadelphia Flyers fans are pissed off and they’re letting the organ-i-zation know about it.  There are copious amounts of Facebook groups, hashtag campaigns, and “Fire Fletcher” t-shirts.  Hell, the Flyers have even been the talk of local sports radio, that NEVER happens.  Another group of fans are looking to take it one step further and plaster their disdain at ownership's doorstep.  

A GoFundMe has been created with the intentions of buying two billboards on or around I-95 near the sports complex.  The goal of the group, “demand substantial change at the ownership level of the Philadelphia Flyers.”  You can see a mockup of the image above.

Here's a deeper explanation:

As fans of the franchise are painfully aware, The Flyers have been on the decline since their last Stanley Cup Finals appearance in 2010. Evidence of yearly fan frustration can be found in forums, message boards, social media feeds, and local sports media.
The most recent season and following offseason have been the final straw for many fans who, for one reason or another, can no longer tolerate rooting for the team they have long held so dear.
Our goal then is simple: We wish to place a billboard (maybe two) voicing our collective displeasure with the ownership of the team and the direction the franchise is heading. To be ABSOLUTELY clear, We don’t feel there is any singular person to blame; this goes far beyond players, coaches, and front office individuals.
I'd say that's a reasonably fair assessment of the current state of affairs.  But, the message gets lost with the last sentence.  Let’s break it down.

You can’t demand new ownership, as the title of the GoFundMe is stating, call for regime change on a billboard, but at the same time not assign blame.  Someone is on the hook for this mess and they got it right by calling out ownership.  So go all out and call out ownership.  Assign the blame to the suits sitting in their fancy offices at 1701 JFK Boulevard in Center City. 
No one is above getting called out for this mess. Well except for Gritty, he’s good. 
Hell, find a way to put one of these things in the lobby of the Comcast Center. Make ownership and anyone that walks through the door look at it every day. 
Now, as for the other part of the equation. There’s something on the mock up billboard that is spot on, boycott the “brand.”
Believe me it’ll be tough, but the fans can make their anger known by leaving the pocketbook at home. Don’t buy tickets, don’t buy gear, don’t watch the games on TV, don’t listen to them on radio, you get the idea. Putting a dent in the revenue drivers of the organization will certainly throw up flags in the business analytics department of Comcast. 
No, it’s not quitting on the team. But in the new world where the Flyers are owned by a conglomerate and not a guy, it’s the type of move that will resonate the most. 

As of press time, the GoFundMe has raised just under $650 of the $5,000 goal. The creator of the GoFundMe has pledged to donate monies to a cancer charity in Oskar Lindblom’s name if they’re unable to secure a billboard. 

Editor Note: The creator of the GoFundMe provides a form of social media as a point of contact. However, he doesn’t have he’s DM’s open. I will work on contacting him directly for an official statement on his venture.