Former Eagles Coach John DeFilippo Interviews For Multiple Offensive Coordinator Positions

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

While the Vikings fired offensive coordinator John DeFilippo in the wake of a 21-7 loss to the Seattle Seahawks, it did not help the team make the playoffs as Kirk Cousins continued his crusade to somehow be considered a top quarterback despite being unable to beat teams with a winning record. The Vikings failed to make the playoffs and sent the Eagles in their place.

DeFilippo (Flip) served as the QB coach for the Eagles during their Super Bowl run. He was one of two coaches to leave the staff. With Frank Reich not expected to leave, Flip left for the offensive coordinator job in Minnesota before Josh McDaniels decided he had no need to uphold commitments and the Eagles lost Frank Reich to the head coaching job in Indianapolis.

While many Eagles fans may have an interest in bringing Flip back, Doug Pederson indicated that was unlikely and ruled out the possibility of a mid-season reunion. With the season over for the Eagles, they could look to bring him back – if he isn’t hired somewhere else first.

Flip has already interviewed with the Jaguars and the Cardinals to be the offensive coordinator for each team. He will likely get even more interviews. With eight teams hiring new head coaches, they will all be looking for coordinators. The Packers are another team that could seriously consider him going forward.

The Jaguars have not fired their head coach, but still interviewed Flip. That could be an attractive opportunity for Flip because with the Jaguars having their head coach and defensive coordinator on a short leash next season, Flip could end up as the interim head coach and possibly the next head coach for the team.

With all that said, Flip would not likely be interested in returning to being a quarterbacks coach for the Eagles. In order to get him on board, they would have to hire him as the offensive coordinator. Such a move would seem unlikely given that the team like Mike Groh and would have to fire him to make room for Flip. If that were to happen, the Birds would more than likely offer Groh his former position as wide receivers coach, but, like Flip now, he would likely get interviewed for and receive an offensive coordinator position elsewhere.

The Birds would be risking the loss of their offensive coordinator with no assurance of getting Flip back. Groh is also huge to players like Alshon Jeffery and the Eagles are not the type of organization to just kick someone with that emotional intelligence to the curb. Finally, changing the offensive coordinator for your team every season is not a good practice, even if it is bringing back a former coach. With all that in mind, Flip is not likely to return to the Eagles in my opinion. It’s a fun notion to think about bringing him back, however.

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