Former Phillies Outfielder Danny Tartabull Running From The Law


The Phillies paid outfielder Danny Tartabull $2.3 million in 1997 for seven hitless at bats.  But Tartabull did not use that to support his kids and now he is on the run from the law.  The U.K.'s Mail Online posted this wanted poster of the former Phillies slugger:


According to the Los Angeles County courts, Tartabull owes near $275,000 in child support, skipped out on his probation, and is on the run from his jail sentence.  Three strikes for Tartabull.

If you've seen him, call the Los Angeles County Sheriff's department at 213-351-8677.

Tartabull previously was not charged with robbery after taking $2.3 million from the Phillies.

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