Giants’ Melky Cabrera is Ruled Ineligible for Batting Title but Carlos Ruiz is Short of Required Plate Appearances

Carlos Ruiz simply missed too much time.

In a stunning revelation, according to CSN Bay Area, Melky Cabrera has asked that he be eliminated from contention for the National League batting title.   Does this mean that all of a sudden Carlos Ruiz has a shot at the title?

Unfortunately, no.  The magic number of plate appearance necessary to win the title is 502 and Ruiz currently sits at 380.  So, Ruiz would have to come up with 122 at bats between now and October 3 to qualify for the title.  He will not average ten appearances a game.

According to the report, Cabrera approached Major League Baseball and asked that he be made ineligible.   The Commissioners Office decided to accept.  So, just in this particular case ruled a "one-time amendment", Cabrera will not be eligible for the award as suspended player.   The rule not applying is 10.22 (a):

Rule 10.22(a) permits a player to be recognized as the official winner if extra hitless at-bats are added to his average and it remains higher than any qualifying player.

So, why would Cabrera approach MLB to ask such a thing?  CSN speculates it to repair his image:

Cabrera’s request to refuse the extra at-bat is a clear attempt to rehab his public image and market value, both of which were tarnished by his Aug. 15 suspension for testing positive for testosterone.

So with Cabrera crossed off of the list, Andrew McCutchen is the leader at .339, followed by Ryan Braun, who sits at .335.  Ruiz is hitting .328 and would have been in third place, had he had enough plate appearances.


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