Halftime Report: Chiefs at Eagles

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The Eagles entered this week’s match-up as massive underdogs, but have managed to keep the game close through the first half of the game with vastly improved play calling and a huge play by Nate Herbig to prevent the Chiefs from putting up points at the end of the half following a Hurts fumble.

Here’s what we saw in the first half:

First Half Offensive MVP

Dallas Goedert

The Eagles have needed to get their tight ends involved more since the season started and Goedert is showing why today. Officially, he has just two catches for 24 yards, but he has one incredibly impressive touchdown and had a second equally as impressive one called back due to an ineligible man downfield that didn’t impact the play. He’s also shown some good things helping out the offensive line with his own blocking.

First Half Defensive MVP

Alex Singleton

Singleton has only three tackles but has been the most standout performer. No defensive player has made much impact, but the runs that get stopped seem to be so because Singleton is able to plug the hole to make the tackle or force the runner to look elsewhere. When he doesn’t get there, its obvious by the huge gains that Kansas City gets.

Who Needs To Step Up

Eagles Front Seven

The Eagles secondary is setup to prevent the deep ball, but the defensive front has failed to contain the runs and short dumps that have allowed the Chiefs to move up and down the field. It’s been an issue since game one and it doesn’t appear it’ll get better any time soon.

What To Watch Out For

Tyreek Hill

The Chiefs have not used Hill much in this and it’s surprising he hasn’t gotten more short passes or screens where they can utilize his speed. The Eagles defense will have to be ready for that while the secondary continues to try and hold his deep play in check.

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