Mack Hollins Released By Eagles

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By Paul Bowman, Sports Talk Philly Editor

While the Eagles have avoided making any sweeping changes, at least until the end of the season, it would seem, they are making moves.

On Tuesday, the Eagles announced the release of one of the most hated players on the Eagles roster, receiver Mack Hollins.

It seems odd that the Eagles would release someone who they say is one of their highest graded players each week, but it doesn’t considering his actual play.

Hollins, a former fourth-round pick, had 10 catches for 125 yards. He also had zero catches as a featured player over the seven games prior to the game in Miami.

On the flip side, he has been called for five penalties (only three accepted), which would have cost the Eagles 45 yards of field position in addition to multiple drops on the year.

Hollins looked like he could be a stud in 2017, when he made some big plays in limited snaps.

Following his injury, Hollins was never really a contributor to the team and he was instead dead weight.

His roster spot will be filled with undrafted free agent guard Sua Opeta.

Opeta was impressive in training camp, but very raw.

He has the strength, but his technique was lacking. The Eagles had stashed him on the practice squad all year with the hopes of developing him this season to take advantage of natural abilities, much like they’ve done with Jordan Mailata.

He may not make much of an impact this season as Nate Herbig is likely also ahead of him on the depth chart as well as Big V and Matt Pryor, but the Eagles stashing him on the roster would indicate that they believe he will be back with the team next season to compete for a roster spot.