Mike Milbury hates the Flyers and has made it a point to tell you

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NHL on NBC analyst and former Boston Bruins enforcer and head coach Mike Milbury poked the bear and woke it.

Prior to Wednesday night's game between the Flyers and Bruins on NBCSN, Milbury spoke of his continuing hate for everything about the Flyers.

"I still hate Philadelphia and the Flyers," Milbury said. "I hate their fans. I hate their owner. He's a good guy, Ed Snider, but I have a history here that prevents me from being anywhere close to social and gracious."

Right on cue, fellow studio analyst at NBC and Flyers color commentator for CSN Philly Keith Jones chimed in with the comeback, "they speak really highly of you."

Video of the exchange is below.

The Flyers ultimately got the last laugh on the ice, as they handed the Bruins a 3-2 loss to claim their fourth straight win. For the Bruins, it brought their record to 1-4-1 in the month of January.

Kevin Durso is managing editor for Flyerdelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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