Misleading Reports Claim Phillies, Citizens Bank Park Have Expensive Beer; Numbers Show Otherwise


CBS Philly is running a piece today with this headline:

Study: Price Of A Draft At Citizens Bank Park Second Highest In MLB

Well, that's not really true.  If you find a better comparison, you'll see that the Phillies' prices are actually on the less expensive side.

You see, The Street (the basis for the CBS Philly report) simply went to each park and went for the cheapest beer available at the ballpark and ranked them accordingly.  They already had to correct a few by their own standards.

So, a 12-ounce beer for $7.25 at Fenway Park in Boston was ranked less expensive than a 21-ounce beer at Citizens Bank Park that costs $7.75.   Do the math and Boston beer drinkers are paying 60.4 cents per ounce, whereas Philly beer drinkers are paying 36.9 cents per ounce.  I would not say that the Phillies are charing more.

The Bro Bible has a much better study.  In this study, the most expensive beer is that aformentioned 60 cent-per-ounce beer in Boston.

The one that The Street claims to be most expensive beer price, Marlins Stadium is actually tied with Yankee Stadium, and is only 86% of the price of most expensive.  The Miami Marlins and the New York Yankees both charge 50 cents per ounce.  You'll see, a 12-ounce beer in Miami for $6.00 is 50 cents per ounce, as is the 16-ounce beer for $8.00 in New York.

The cheapest beer?  A 14-ounce beer for $4.00 in Phoenix at Chase Field, just 29 cents per ounce.

Buy one of those "pints" at some bars down there?  It is a 16 ounce pint glass, and it's never full.   So, for that 14 ounces of beer for $5.00?  36 cents per ounce.  In fact, the picture above was a 12 ounce Yuengling bottle.  If your beer comes that full, you paid 41.6 cents per ounce, more than Citizens Bank Park.

The CBS piece has two quotes from two anonymous "fans in South Philly".  What information were they presented?   The one who called the prices "sad" should realize he is actually doing better there.   The only thing sad is the misleading information presented.

The CBS Philly report states,

A new report ranks Major League ballparks with the most expensive draft beer and it holds some bad news for Phillies fans.

I agree with the "bad news" part, but things look just fine for Phillies fans, at just 60% of the price of the highest-priced beer.

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