Mohegan Pennsylvania Casino Gambler Wins $642K Jackpot

Mohegan Pennsylvania Casino Gambler Wins $642K Jackpot


At the Mohegan Pennsylvania casino in Wilkes-Barre over the weekend, a gambler won a Blackjack jackpot worth nearly $650,000, according to a casino spokesperson.

Mohegan Pennsylvania casino gambler won $642,000 jackpot playing Blazing 7s Blackjack

Casino officials informed 28/22 News this past Sunday that a lucky man from Plains Township won the $642,000 jackpot at Mohegan Pennsylvania.

The jackpot was won on the Blazing 7s Blackjack progressive table game. In order to win this game, officials said the man placed a side bet, in addition to his wager, to win the jackpot.

The man was then dealt a diamond-suited 7s, while the dealer also turned over a diamond-suited 7. This is referred to as a “100% Mega,” resulting in the top jackpot win.

Furthermore, the jackpot has now been reset to $160,000.

A casino spokesperson said the man has wished to remain anonymous.

Blazing 7s Blackjack is all about the number 7

Blackjack odds are reasonable. That’s the bottom line.

Needless to say, Blazing 7s Blackjack is based on the number 7. The more 7s a player has, the more they win. To begin each round, the patron is required to make a standard blackjack bet and the Blazing 7s progressive bet.

The dealer then follows the house procedures for Blackjack. The player wins if at least one of their first two cards are a 7. In fact, the player wins more if both of their first two cards are 7s.

According to the Mohegan Pennsylvania casino website, the payouts increase further if the dealer’s up card is also a 7. However, it should be noted that the progressive is only based on the player’s first two cards and the dealer’s up card.

Three 7s that are Diamonds pays 100%. Three 7s from other suit pays 10%. As for three 7s of the same color, it pays 500 for 1. Three 7s pay 200 for 1.

Additionally, the first two cards that are both 7 will pay 25 for 1.

If one of the player’s first two cards is a 7, the bettor will receive 2 for 1.

The original wager is not returned.

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