Philadelphia Eagles Alternate Helmet Schedule is Released

Philadelphia Eagles Alternate Helmet Schedule is Released

For those that might’ve missed it, the Philadelphia Eagles will wear black helmets for the first time EVER this season.  Some fans rejoiced. Boomers growled. It was a very divisive decision by the Birds.  Now, thanks to a nice tweet by the National Football League, we know when the sports radio airwaves will be inundated with nonsensical uniform banter. 

The Eagles will don their black lids three times in the final two months of the regular season, twice at home and once on the road.  The schedule is as follows:

  • Week 12 at home against the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football
  • Week 16 on the road against the Dallas Cowboys on Christmas Eve
  • Week 18 at home against the New York Football Giants

Debuting the new look on NBC’s Sunday Night Football makes a ton of sense.  It’s the only game in town and the announcers will mention the black helmets more than cheesesteaks.  That’s nice marketing right there.  The idea of a Christmas “blackout” is very interesting and can only add to Eagles-Cowboys lore.  As for wearing black against the Giants, you wear black to funerals so this makes sense. 

And for those who don’t want to read and just scream for Kelly green, just freakin’ relax! Kelly green will be back in the fold next season and all will be right with the football world again.

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