Phillies Fan Starts Online Petition to Make Power-Hitter Erik Kratz Backup Catcher


Well, there have been many noteworthy petitions on the website, including:

Now, there is one that petitions the Phillies to make Erik Kratz the Phillies' backup catcher over Brian Schneider.   

The petition reads,

The Phillies have an excellent starting catcher in Carlos Ruiz. 
The back-up catcher in 2011 was Brian Schneider. 
He is an anemic left handed hitter with a weak throwing arm. 
Erik Kratz is an excellent defensive catcher with a strong arm. 
Erik Kratz is also a strong right handed power hitter who is having a great 2012 Spring Training at the plate.
In addition, to being an excellent defensive back-up when needed, he would be very valuable as a pinch-hitter, late in games when power is needed.

One petition proved to be successful in getting student loan provider Sallie Mae to drop a forbearance fee. Maybe this one will work, since the Phillies really could use a right-handed power hitter.

This petition was NOT started by our own Mike Frohwirth, who last Spring Training wrote a "Kratz Love" piece.

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