Report: Celtics considering Josh Jackson, others at first overall

By: Jesse Larch, Sports Talk Philly Staff

A report from Chad Ford of ESPN is turning the landscape of the draft on its head.

Ford reports that the Boston Celtics are considering multiple prospects for the first overall pick, and names Kansas wing Josh Jackson by name.

Ford spoke to anonymous general managers in the league. One of them said:

"Jackson is an Ainge player all the way. Tough, athletic, long, versatile, elite motor. If he's keeping the pick, Jackson just to me, far and away, is the most Celtics-type player for them to draft. From all my conversations with them, I'm convinced they'll take Jackson No. 1."

Another GM told Ford that Jackson will outperform incumbent players on Boston's roster like Jae Crowder and Jaylen Brown:

"Jackson will be better than all of those guys. Danny's looking for a star, and I think Jackson has as much or more star potential than Fultz or Ball. Everyone on the Celtics is an asset. Danny can move them all. He'll take the player he likes the best. Period. He'll figure out fit in the summer."

Ford contacted the Celtics for comment, but they deferred, saying "We like him a lot, but we like several guys a lot. We've got a week to figure it out."

It is unclear who the other players in consideration are, but it is clear that Markelle Fultz's status as the number one pick is not as guaranteed as everyone initially thought.

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