Caesars CEO Tom Regg is worried that a federal sports betting regulation could be possible

Caesars CEO Tom Regg is worried that a federal sports betting regulation could be possible

As online gaming and sports betting continue to grow, we’ve seen an uptick in responsible gaming practices from major sportsbooks. Recently, Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Regg said he’s worried the sports betting industry could be facing federal regulations. He suggests that major sportsbooks around the US need to work together to alleviate problem gaming concerns,  Regg had this to say at the East Coast Gaming conference.

Responsible gaming is not just a PR problem that we throw some money at and hope it goes away. This is something that as gaming becomes more and more a part of daily life and people’s lives that don’t gamble. That’s a new development,” – said Tom Regg

Senator Richard Blumenthal wrote recently to eight major sportsbooks in the United States. He insisted that they stop using data to target problem gamblers. Tom Regg noted that he’s spent time responding to Senator Blumenthal.

What has been done to help target problem gamblers around the United States?

Top sportsbooks around the US have come together to form the Responsible Online Gaming Association (ROGA). Armed with $20 million, the trade association is set to help educate the industry and spread awareness of responsible gambling. They target online bettors who continue to grow. 

Their full-time executive director is Jenifer Shatley. She spent the last nine years as a consultant on responsible gaming matters. Additionally, Shatley also worked for Ceaser’s for 13 years and brings a wide variety of experience to ROGA. Shatley is also the president of the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling. Online casinos and sportsbooks have become so accessible and ROGA needs to work diligently to help tackle the issue that is problem gaming.

Tom Regg addresses the sports betting ad frequency issue

Anyone who’s sat down to watch a sports game or event in the last two to three years has likely seen a gambling ad during a commercial break. Caesars Entertainment CEO Tom Regg noted that he is worried that there are too many sports betting ads during games. Regg had this to say. 

As Jim (Allen) stated, what DraftKings, FanDuel and others have built in the space is extraordinary. But I spent last week answering a letter from Senator Blumenthal about responsible gaming. As we continue down the road, we as an industry have to develop responsibly in a matter that doesn’t encourage federal intervention. These are the kind of things that keep me up at night. How do we stay in front of it?” – Tom Regg

When the Responsible Gaming Coalition formed in March, Caesars was not one of the seven major sportsbooks to join. Many lawmakers believe that sports betting ads need to be drawn back from how frequently they are being shown. US Representative Paul Tonko authored a bill that could limit how frequently Americans can bet. That might not sit well with Americans as the gaming industry only gains more popularity.

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