Sliding Into Home and Other Rule Changes Proposed by Giants G.M. Brian Sabean

Posted by Frank Klose; co-author Tony Galante


The Giants' General Manager Brian Sabean is furious.  How dare Marlins' extra man Scott Cousins slide into home?

A couple days ago, Sabean talked about a possible rule change to Andrew Baggarly to spare catchers from being hit on plays to the plate:

[Sabean] said Giants manager Bruce Bochy was able to speak to MLB on-field operations chief Joe Torre today, and that the conversation will have to continue with managers and other field personnel because they understand the game best.

Well, it appears that they will be denied a rule change.   But here are several other rules that Brian Sabean hopes will be added to the record books.

1. First Basemen Should Be Allowed to Wear a Chest Protector, Shin Guards, and Face Mask


Let's face it, Buster Posey will never catch again.   But, Major League Baseball must be certain that Buster Posey never gets touched ever again.

To help protect Posey, Sabean proposes that once he converts to a first baseman he still be allowed to wear what is currently called catchers' gear.

2. Elminate all Outfield Walls so Nobody Runs Into Them


Remember back in high school when you had no choice to practice on fields that had no outfield wall?  And that line drive past the outfielder turned into a grand slam?

Well, be ready for more.  To save outfielders from hurting themselves when running into the wall, the new rule will lead to extra runs, but it is for good reason.


Aaron Rowand would be most grateful.

3. Replace the Catcher With Inflatable One; Pitcher Can Step on Mound and Call the Runner Out


Since the Giants are already down one catcher, then why not eliminate the most dangerous position altogether?

I've played plenty of pickup games in my day, and sometimes we went without certain players to help fill out the field.   So, why not just eliminate the catcher?

Let's face it, players swing at everything these days, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

The inflatable catcher has a clear strike zone, and it would help umpires more accurately call balls and strikes.

4.Replace Bench-Clearing Brawls With West Side Story-Like Dance Offs


Let's face it: Bench-clearing brawls are dangerous.  In fact, in the very brawl above Johnny Cueto kicked Jason LaRue in his head, and ended his major-league career.

The good news is that there is an alternative to such nasties.  Sabean proposes that all bench-clearing brawls be replaced with West Side Story-esque danceoffs.

The danceoffs would allow the players to blow off steam, and at the same time be equally entertaining to fans.  The only players that would get hurt are those who did not properly stretch before the game.


 5. Make Batting Practice Pitcher Guard Permanent


has the luxury of a barrier between himself and the players on the field.  Why not the pitcher?

To avoid unnecessary injury to pitchers such as his stud Tim Lincecum, Sabean proposes that the pitcher's shield remain on the fieldat all times to protect pitchers.

Well, these are just some measures that will help protect players in the major leagues.  As long as his best player is injured, I am sure he will continue to come up with more.

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