The Good News and Bad News on Dom Brown

Posted by Danielle Wilson

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In todays' Pirates-Phillies game at home, Domonic Brown finally achieved the impossible feat: He hit a single. That's the good news. It was a glorious moment, until a few minutes afterwards when he jogged off of the field clutching his right hand. Here comes the bad news. One phrase went through everyone's mind: Uh-oh. Brown was taken to get an X-Ray, and about 2 hours later, Phillies fans found out that Domonic Brown had suffered a fractured hook of the hamate bone in his right hand, and yes, Dom is right-handed.

Dom will more than likely need surgery, and will be out for 3-6 weeks. This means that Ben Francisco will be the Opening Day right field starter.

Just add this to the current list of injuries. Here's the list:

Chase Utley.

Dom Brown.

*Sigh* This is another reason to be thankful for BenFran and John Mayberry.

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