Tigers Make it Official: Phillies Fans and Tigers Fans Team Up Again for Final Vote!

Posted by Frank Klose

Just got this tweet from the guys at BlessYouBoys:



So, VOTE NOW, all day, every day until Thursday when it closes.


Well, Shane Victorino is up for the final vote to the All-Star game, and last time, a partnership between Phillies fans and Tigers fans got it done.  Placido Polanco, Cliff Lee, Roy Halladay, and Cole Hamels are not enough; we need more All-Stars!

Shane's last appearance in 2009 came with the "Bran-Torino" campaign that packaged votes with Tiger Brandon Inge.

This year, Tiger Victor Martinez is up for the final vote, and the opportunity is ripe to send both to the All-Star game again.


The BlessYouBoys guys are already at it:


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