Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins Doesn’t Think He Needs to Change a Thing; Won’t Bat Fifth

Posted by Frank Klose


In an interview yesterday with Mike Missanelli, Jimmy Rollins very sharply balked at the idea that he could bat fifth in the Phillies batting order in 2011.

"I'm here to spark the team, and I can't do that batting fifth…that's my game, get on base, steal, and provide that energy at the top…I'm gonna be what I've always been for another year…those people have been complaining since 2001.  What they really want is wins, and I've proven that I'm a winner."

Would Rollins change his approach? "No, why would I do that?  There is really no reason"

Rollins said that he could bounce back, just as he did from his poor year in 2002, and will work his way back up.

I do agree with Rollins' one point that he could not steal bases ahead of Ryan Howard.

Interestingly, the Phillies' image of their new scoreboard presented to the media and fans had a lineup in which Rollins was batting fifth, so obviously it's on the mind of those on the Phillies' payroll:


Rollins also mentioned that he began "juicing" (no, not steroids, actual juice) and was becoming acquainted to Yoga to help him stretch out his muscles.  Rollins' wife Johari owns a fitness studio in Chestnut Hill that you can check out here.

What do you think, is Rollins being unreasonable or selfish in trying to hold on to his leadoff role with the Phillies?   Comment below.