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Baseball Talk Philadelphia: Friday Fan Rant


Tom Van Leer leads off with a lot to say:

Dear Baseball Talk: Philadelphia

Where do I start. It is hard to believe this team. Just when our Offence is starting to get in motion our bullpen continues to be mediocre. Last night the team, the fans, and the city was the happiest its been since Opening Day. Chase is back, we hear Ryan Howard is starting rehab, and Chooch is the best Catcher in the MLB. The game starts off with back to back home runs and Valdes gives up a three run homer. Not surprising. Then we come within 1 run and just when CBP and Tom McCarthy are as loud as ever Chad Qualls comes in. You might as well bring in some guy standing in line eating nachos. Why would they bring him in! They know he as been terrible yet they continued to bring him in. Thank god they sent him down. You have to question Amaro JR's offseason pickups. I mean when you bring in old, end of their career players like Wigginton and Nix do you really expect them to be everyday players? NO! There was absolutely no reason to bring back Jim Thome. I love the guy but when we have injuries and players already getting old do we really need a 41 year old who got injured this year? We need young players like Galvis (minus the PEDs and broken back) I still think there was no reason to waste prospects on Roy Oswalt. We already had Hamels and Halladay. That brings me to Cliff Lee. Its time to start thinking this isn't going to be a good year for him. We have seen him do this before. In 2006 he went 5-8 with a 6.29 ERA. But don't worry. He went 22-3 with a 2.54 ERA in his Cy Young year the next season, so next year could be a big bounce back. And last night was just a huge disaster. Instead of putting a starter on the mound, for some reason they thought it would be good to have a bullpen game!? ARE THEY SERIOUS?? They already knew the bullpen is one of the worst in the league. So why waste a game for their mediocre performance? We had a game where the team would be pumped, the city would be pumped and they just waste it. They could of used the excitement to their advantage but they just waste it. Ridiculous. I just hope the bullpen will fix itself and become a winning team. 

Tom VL

Andrew McCormick checks in:

Charlie Manuel couldn't manage his way out of a f@#$ing paper bag. Remarks complete.

Robert Calderon speaks:

Its a shame how the bullpen blows when our huge problem this year was offense. And now that the offense is doing great in my opinion we have one of the worst pens in baseball. They really need a makeover of this pen. There is no making a recovery. They need new players in there.

Somairot616 says:

This team is so frustrating. Charlie needs to wake up. They also need to designate Chad "Touch Em All" Qualls back to little league. My preteen niece can hit off of him.

Aaron Goldberg:

what is bothering me this season 

 why cant the phillies have a solid go to pitcher in the 5th starting spot?
kendrick isnt as reliable. kendrick can eat innings for us but almost everyone can over power him.


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