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Details Emerge to Indicate CBS San Francisco Report Was Accurate as Hunter Pence Heads Heads to Giants


Remember the Sunday night report that everyone was calling "fake?"  It appears it was accurate, and now an agreement is in place that would send Hunter Pence to the San Francisco Giants, CBS's Jon Heyman reports.

Today on XM's Power Alley, Jim Duquette stated that San Francisco Giants General Manager Brian Sabean went to ownership to ask about money to acquire Hunter Pence.   Ownership said no.

So when CBS San Francisco's Dennis O'Donnell reported that the two teams had a deal in place, pending ownership approval, he was not wrong.

What changed?   Shane Victorino changed.

Thanks to Ruben Amaro sending his other outfielder to the Los Angeles Dodgers, who also aquired reliever Brandon League and third baseman Hanlery Ramirez, the pressure was on for the Giants to make a move. 

Duquette also said that the Dodgers' General Manager Ned Coletti was told by ownership to "forget money - get better".  

Thanks to the Dodgers, the Giants had to act.  And it appears they have in the form of Hunter Pence.   

It remains to be seen who the Phillies get in return, but the catcher Tommy Joseph mentioned by O'Donnell late Sunday seems to be a good bet.

UPDATE: No OF Gary Brown, 1B Brandon Belt, or RHP Kyle Crick, Jayson Stark reports.  Joseph seems to be confirmed to be in the deal.   My best guess says OF Francisco Perguero is in.

UPDATE: Nate Schierholtz is in the deal


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Sam Cadelinia

Goodbye Nate. We'll miss you!

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