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New Game: Find The Miami Marlins All-Star; "Technicolor Nonsense" In The Outfield

Could Placido Polanco make the National League All-Star team?

Some news out of Miami as the Marlins continue to embarrass baseball.

First, a great challenge posed by baseball writer Joe Sheehan:

I would say Placido Polanco would be the Miami Marlins' All-Star if the selections were made today.  Why?  He's hitting .286.  The primary cleanup hitter when Stantion was not injured, Polanco drove in six runs.  Now, he will hit third and be protected in the lineup by starting first baseman Greg Dobbs.

Last night John Buck set a Mets record by hitting his ninth April home run.   The best part of it was the Mets' radio call on WFAN by Josh Lewin.  Buck hit the ball into the "technicolor nonsense".  Watch it here.  Rose's call comes second, halfway through the video.

When MLB.com will share an MLB employee (the announcer) making fun of the Marlins, you know it's bad.


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Ed Quigley

Great find. But that's Josh Lewin on the call. Howie comes in at the end


It was Josh Lewin's call not Howie Rose's.

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