Buy A Batting Practice Hat Or Else The Phillies Will Keep Wearing Them


While in Boston on Tuesday, I noticed Cliff Lee wearing his batting practice hat while he was warming up in the bullpen.  "Oh, I guess he actually is putting it on for the pregame", I said to myself.   But when Lee took the mound after the Phillies batted, he was still wearing it.  And out came the other seven Phillies fielders wearing them.  Why?

I thank my trusted friend @RandallJSanders of Chicago who noticed my tweet asking why the Phillies were wearing them.   He pointed me to this tweet:

You hear that fans? Make sure you buy a batting practice hat, or else they will not stop wearing them.

Question: Why does the team need a diffrent hat to take batting practice, when they will switch hats 40 minutes later?
Answer: To sell hats.

Now, I am one who is guilty of buying one of those batting practice hats.  I actually like it, though I wish it was not a fitted cap (they tend to run really big).  The hats cycle out every three years and they will sell you another one.   I have the hat they wore 2007-2009, 2010-2012, and now this latest 2013-2015 variety.

The batting practice jerseys change every three years as well.  They are due for a re-design after this season.  Expect them discounted later this season. 

But I digress.   There is your answer: they want you to buy them, so they're hoping you'll notice they exist.