Big Play Breakdown: Eagles vs. Redskins

The Eagles third win of the season didn't feature the late-game comeback that the previous two wins did, but it did involve a comeback that starred Nick Foles and Jordan Matthews.

Four touchdowns were scored in Sunday's 37-34 win for the Eagles. Three were on passes to wide receivers. The other was a kick return.

In this week's Big Play Breakdown, we take a look at the four scores.

Chris Polk's 102-yard kick return for touchdown - video


Chris Polk takes the kick just inside the endzone. As the play develops, it's important to focus on two blocks. Trey Burton is inside the circle. Zach Ertz is the arrow. The two pick up blocks that open the hole for Polk.

As Polk hits the hole, he makes a couple moves to get around one defender and the kicker before gliding to the endzone. Brad Smith and Casey Matthews are the players the trail Polk downfield and provide the final blocking coverage on an excellent special teams play.

Nick Foles first 11-yard touchown pass to Jordan Matthews - video


Remember this game and remember these plays when the Eagles get inside the 30: play action. Having two dynamic running backs will always be a boost to the Eagles, even when they run for a total of 42 yards. 

Nick Foles makes the fake to Darren Sproles who runs up the middle. Perry Riley is the middle linebacker on the play and he is forced to freeze, trying to keep Sproles in his sights. In the meantime, Jordan Matthews is running a straight route, and Riley's hesitance leaves him wide open in the endzone. With three other receivers available on the play, the Redskins secondary is trying to cover all bases and can't. Foles doesn't miss with the pass. 

Nick Foles second 11-yard touchdown pass to Jordan Matthews - video


There isn't anything different about this play from Jordan Matthews vantage point. He runs the same route and makes the same play, though slightly more contested.

But it is a very different play. Sproles is the running back, but this time serves as a blocker. There is no play action fake.

However, the same receiver formation is used. In the picture above, you see Riley Cooper, Jeremy Maclin and Matthews all lined up to the left of Foles. Matthews and Maclin run similar routes, leaving three receivers trying to guess which one to double-cover. They get caught standing. In the meantime, Cooper runs a cross route that forces the Redskins defense to check down and guard the goal line. Matthews darts for the back of the endzone and a great pass from Foles gives the Eagles the lead.

Nick Foles 27-yard touchdown pass to Jeremy Maclin - video


The Eagles use 11 personnel on this play – one running back and one tight end. Ertz is the tight end seen on the left, who is tightly covered. The Eagles really utilized wide receivers in this game and had two playing very well to that point. Matthews and Maclin are both downfield.

Again, remember play action. LeSean McCoy is in on this play and again, gets the fake. The Redskins have a line up. Frank Kearse, Keenan Robinson and Ryan Clark form a line over the middle of the field. Robinson is focused on McCoy out of the backfield. Clark is covering Matthews out of the slot. Brandon Meriweather is supposed to take the coverage of Maclin but loses him in the fake and that leave Maclin open as he charges toward the endzone.

Kevin Durso is a contributor for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @KDursoPhilsNet.

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