Predicting 2012: Rich’s 2012 MLB Predictions

I'll take a shot at this…

2012 MLB Season Predictions




American League 


AL East winner – NY Yankees


AL Central winner – Detroit Tigers


AL West winner – Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


AL Wild Card Teams (2) – Texas Rangers and Boston Red Sox


AL MVP – Miguel Cabrera


AL Cy Young – Jered Weaver


AL Rookie of the Year – Yoenis Cespedes


AL Manager of the Year – Mike Scioscia




National League


NL East winner – Philadelphia Phillies


NL Central winner – St. Louis Cardinals


NL West winner – San Francisco Giants


NL Wild Card Teams (2) – Atlanta Braves and Cincinnati Reds


NL MVP – Matt Kemp


NL Cy Young – Roy Halladay


NL Rookie of the Year – Yonder Alonso


NL Manager of the Year – Charlie Manuel




World Series matchup – Phillies vs. Tigers


World Series champion and # of games – Phillies in five




Phillies predictions


Total number of Phillies wins – 95


What date does Ryan Howard return to the Phillies lineup (if at all) – June 4th (Dodgers)


What date does Chase Utley return to the Phillies lineup- May 7th (Mets)


Which Phillies ace has most wins and how many – Roy Halladay- 21


To follow up "Good game, let's go eat," what will be Hunter Pence's next catchphrase? – parades are fun