Tuesday’s Phillies Roster Predictions

The Phillies play their last pre-season game tonight. I'll do another prediction if they don't announce the roster right away after. For now, this is it though:

  • Line-Up: Pierre-LF, Polanco-3B, Rollins-SS, Pence-RF, Victorino-CF, Thome-1B, Ruiz-C, Galvis-2B
  • Rotation: Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Worley, Blanton
  • Bench: Mayberry, Wigginton, Nix, Schneider, Orr, Podsednik
  • Bullpen: Papelbon, Qualls, Bastardo, Kendrick, Herndon, Savery
  • DL: Contreras, Stutes, Howard, Utley, Martinez
  • In the running: Luna, Valdes
  • 40 man, minors: Brown, Kratz, De Fratus, Aumont, Schwimer, Diekman, Hernandez, Gillies, Valle, Ramirez
When Contreras comes back in a week, I'd bet on Podsednik going down. I'd bet on Stutes knocking Herndon down as well- call me crazy. Martinez will eventually replace Orr, Utley replaces Galvis, and Howard…. I'm really not sure. 
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