Weekly Report Card: Turnovers, penalties haunt Eagles again

Another game filled with mistakes may have cost the Eagles the playoffs.

A team that was 9-3 just three weeks ago dropped their third straight game on Saturday to the lowly Redskins. To make the playoffs, the Eagles would now need a miracle.

Here is this week's report card.

Pass offense: Overall, it wasn't a horrible game for Mark Sanchez. In one of his better games, the Eagles passing game was working. You can't ask for more from Zach Ertz and the rest of the offense was equally involved. But the Eagles fumbled because Sanchez couldn't unload early enough and the late interception may have ended the Eagles playoff hopes. B

Run offense: LeSean McCoy unleased some solid runs, none better than his touchdown run in the first, but otherwise, the Eagles running game came up short again. The Eagles could have added points in the redzone trying Chris Polk more and using Darren Sproles less. Situation running wasn't handled properly. C

Pass defense: Here's all you need to know. DeSean Jackson averaged 31.5 yards per catch. He had four catches. The Eagles again struggled in the secondary, but did give the team a chance to win. Bradley Fletcher's lucky break-up on third down prior to Sanchez' interception and the interception for Nate Allen were both crucial plays that could have changed momentum. The Eagles don't get many of those and needed to capitalize. They failed there too. C

Run defense: It wasn't the Eagles best game but they were without Trent Cole. Even through that, Alfred Morris had one notable run: a 28-yard touchdown run. Other than that, he was average at best, something the Eagles run defense can claim a lot this season. B

Special teams: Special teams was solely responsible for the Eagles chance to put the game away, forcing and recovering a fumble on the second-half kick-off. But Cody Parkey's rare struggles with field goal also left points on the field. He wasn't the main reason for the loss, but those misses were at costly moments. C

Overall: It was a very average game by what has appeared to be an averge team in recent weeks. The Eagles have played worse this season, but it was the timing of the loss and the nature of the loss that makes this hurt. This game will likely cost the Eagles a playoff berth, and it was a collective effort. There was performance issues on both sides of the ball, discipline issues, turnovers, mistakes from the coaches. The Eagles fell to their deserved fate together on Saturday. C-

Kevin Durso is managing editor for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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