Welcome to Philliedelphia!

As if the blogsphere was not already saturated with Phillies blogs, we decided that we have nothing better to do with our free time than to start a Phillies blog.  

Here is who will be writing everything that includes the serious, the analytical, and the satirical:

Frank Klose
Frank has a bachelor's degree in English, but has hardly ever used it for anything productive.  A full-season ticket holder to the Phillies who has summers off, he is looking for something to distract him from his thesis this summer. 

Adam Gonsiewski
Adam is a life-long Phillies and Flyers fan from Northeast Philadelphia wrapping up a degree in Meteorology at Millersville University.  When not looking up weather maps, he will be writing Phillies posts for us.

Tony Galante
Tony is a real-life Apu (yes, he is manager of a convenience store).  Since he often opens the store at 5:00 a.m. and is done work at 2:00 p.m., he has plenty of time to nap before writing about the Phillies.  He is the one who coined "Philliedelphia" and found the domain name.

Stephen Gallo
Steve has a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and is currently trying to break into the advertising industry as a copywriter.  He is a partial season ticket holder for the Phils, and his favorite day of the year has always been Opening Day.  Much to his chagrin, Steve’s heard one too many comparisons to a skinny version of Joe Blanton.

Laurie Dougherty
Laurie is our lone female contributor (for now).  A huge Phillies fan, Laurie is a nurse by trade.  She spends most of her time with her new Verizon I-Phone.

Jorge Suarez
The Philadelphia blogging community's favorite troll has joined Philliedelphia to serve as Bleecher Rapport correspondent.  Jorge will provide links to some of the best slideshows the internet can offer, and offer analysis of signings, trades, and managerial moves in his cleanest Spanglish possible.  Jorge's work has been linked to Deadspin, and he has achieved 30 medals for his work.

We are open to new writers!  If you feel you have something to contribute, please send an email to us at philliedelphia (at) gmail dot com!