No Surprise: Phillies Merchandise Sales are Down

Some heavily discounted merch in the Majestic Clubhouse Store

In today's Inquirer piece by Frank Fitzpatrick, the Phillies' place in the standings is not the only thing taking a hit.   Citing a report, Fitzpatrick says Phillies merchandise sales are down 60 percent from last year.

The team, however, still has some of the best merchandise sales in baseball, according to a quote within the piece:

"They're still No. 2 behind the Yankees," Matt Powell, the company's chief retail analyst, said Friday. "But their share of the market has fallen from 16.2 percent to 8.9."

The big sellers today: the Phanatic mascot hats and Carlos Ruiz merchandise.

Of course, the Phillies market is so saturated with ridiculous things with a Phillies logo.   Why would pay $9.00 for hand sanitizer with a Phillies sticker on it?  How about a face you can put on your tree with a Phillies hat?   Or for $51.00 you can get a toaster that brands a Phillies logo onto your bread.

We've spent a ton of money on Phillies stuff, and now a good bit of it is obsolete with the Phillies trades of Hunter Pence and Shane Victorino.  Now as soon as we get attached to Nate Schierholz and buy his jersey, he'll be gone too….