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Go Green

I say Kevin Wilkins makes the Roster!!! Very underrated player. I hope he gets the recognition he deserves.

Paul Bowman

Hey, Go Green - Thanks for the comment!

I think Wilkins is a good player, but there is a steep curve from the American conference to the NFL. The roster already forces Treyvon Hester out of the line unless the team is willing to unload Josh Sweat. He'll have a tough time overcoming four starting caliber players and Hester, one of the top DT in 2018 (according to PFF), in the battle for a roster spot.
It'd be nice to see him breakout and do just that, though.

Even if he doesn't make the team, he will likely be on the practice squad as there are four players on my PS projection above that I could argue might not even clear waivers - particularly Hester. In the likely event Hester (or Sweat) is claimed, Wilkins grabs that PS spot and is next in line when an injury hits the D-line.

Go Green

I think what sets him apart is that his sweet spot is at NT which I don't think the Eagles have a true NT. That being said, he can play anywhere on the D Line when called upon, and that versatility is rare. Very athletic for a 300+ guy. I think he can be a starter one day but I really do think he can earn a back up spot right away. I hope I'm right.

He's got one hell of a story & has had a rough tome getting top this place. I would love for him to shine.

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