Jonathan Gannon Says Eagles Offered To Pay Him More Than Cardinals To Remain With Team

Rob Schumacher, The Republic/USA Today Network

The Eagles are currently working to fill voids in their offensive coordinator, defensive coordinator and linebackers coach positions.

One of those coaches who left, Jonathan Gannon, told Peter King’s Football Morning in America that the Eagles made an aggressive move to try and keep him as their defensive coordinator.

They came back and they were like, here’s a new offer. It’s gonna pay you more than being a head coach.

Jonathan Gannon to Peter King’s Football Morning in America

The Eagles, according to Gannon, offered him more money than he would make as a head coach to stay with the team.

On one hand, the Eagles could care less about coach salary without a cap for such things – as long as they can continue to do well, Jeffrey Laurie will make his money back.

On the other hand, it’s hard to imagine the Eagles watching that absolutely garbage performance with no adjustments that his defense had to lose the Super Bowl and then saying, “Wow, we’d love to give you a pay raise”. Of course, it’s also hard to imagine a team watching that and thinking hiring the guy in charge of the collapse to be your head coach is a good idea.

He started the same conversation by talking about how Kyler Murray was a driving force in his taking a job.

If Kyler Murray isn’t here, I don’t take this job. I think this offense will look much different. This guy does things that it completely handcuffs you how you play defense – at times. I think we can take him to another level and unleash his full skill set.

Jonathan Gannon to Peter King’s Football Morning in America

Certainly Murray could be part of the reason he’s there considering that Arizona reportedly was not considered by many coaches because of the QB (though there were conflicting reports stating the opposite, too).

Assuming Gannon is telling the truth, an internal promotion for Dennard Wilson would seem unlikely at this point as the Eagles would seem more likely to bring in another splash hire.