NFL Free Agency- Stay or Go: Zach Pascal

The Philadelphia Eagles have 20 free agents heading into the NFL offseason according to contract supersite Sportrac.  

Of the pending free agents, 13 of 20 were key contributors to the Eagles run towards another Lombardi Trophy.   

The staff from Sports Talk Philly –editors Paul Bowman and Michael Lipinski and Eagles writers Jennifer McGraw and Maranda Jo Shinn– have decided to play a game of “stay or go” with Jeffery Lurie’s money!

The crew deliberates on wide receiver Zach Pascal.

Bill Streicher, USA Today Sports

Name: Zach Pascal

Position: WR

Age: 28

Acquired: 2022 NFL Free Agency

Achievements: N/A

2022 Regular Season Stats: 17G/2GS, 15 targets, 150 yards, one touchdown

Market Value: N/A

Potential Contract: N/A

Paul Bowman, STP Editor: Pascal may have actually hurt his value on the open-market by joining the Eagles this past season. He was often simply not used in the passing game with AJ Brown and DeVonta Smith taking the lion’s share of the receptions (not even considering Dallas Goedert). Instead of an every down player like he had the opportunity to be in Indianapolis, he simply didn’t get to show it in Philadelphia.

That said, I think Pascal is a valuable player to keep around. He’s certainly a great asset to have in the running game with his blocking skills and guys like him and Greg Ward are valuable depth to keep around a team looking to contend, particularly with their attitudes and the work they put in. Assuming it isn’t a back-breaking deal, there isn’t a reason not to bring Pascal back unless the Eagles wind up with multiple drafted and UDFA receivers they really feel will be pushing for a roster spot. It may not be a top priority, however, and I think another team will swoop in within the time the Eagles would take to see what they may get in the draft.

Verdict: Go

Michael Lipinski, STP Editor: Zach Pascal is a classic case of “what have you done for me lately?” The answer, nothing.  Pascal proved to be a very good blocker and a so-so special teams player for the Eagles in 2022-23.  That’s wonderful if you’re a 5th round draft pick but not for a somewhat big free agent signing.  Pascal is fourth –maybe fifth if you include the running backs– in the pecking order for quarterback Jalen Hurts.  He’s a slot receiver and he’s not going to unseat Devonta Smith as THE slot receiver.  There’s no room in the nest for Pascal. 

Verdict: Go

Jenn McGraw, Eagles Writer: It doesn’t seem like Pascal fits the Eagles offensive scheme, but maybe I’m not giving him much of a chance yet. Our wide receiver room is stacked and I wouldn’t be mad if Pascal went to a new team. We have young and fast offensive talent that I’d like to see handle punt and kick returns. With only 15 receptions for 150 yards this season compared to some bigger numbers Pascal has had in Indy, I just think it makes sense to let him walk.

Verdict: Go

Maranda Jo Shinn, Eagles Writer: Zach Pascal has had a big role despite his WR4 status this year with the Birds. Locker room leader Pascal brings size AND speed to this position, which brings a critical component of blocking to the offense. Registering eight tackles, he does whatever he can to help his team win- making him an unsung hero for the 2022/23 season (in my opinion). He has grit, which is just what the Eagles need and use to thrive during the season. Sirianni and Pascal have an already strong foundation from their long-term history together; he vibes incredibly well with the team and has a lot to offer – it’s a no-brainer to keep him if we can.

Verdict: Stay

Consensus: Go

Though a split decision, the consensus here is that Pascal is a nice player but will likely not be a player the Eagles prioritize, particularly with reports that the Eagles may be looking to upgrade at WR3. It would seem likely that another team prioritizes Pascal more than the Eagles.