A Fan’s Take: The Inconsitent Strike Zone in Cliff Lee’s Starts

Posted by Christina Angelos

This post is pure opinion, but my take on how much there has been inconsistency with the strike zone. I have a couple photos from tonight's game and one from another Cliff Lee start. I believe Cliff Lee is not hurt, but I also believe he may not be hitting the strikezone either…. but wait for it. I do believe the strikezone has been very unlucky for Cliff Lee starts:

Nationals Pitcher, Jason Marquis was getting a way outside called strike throughout the game just like this one, however if you look below, Cliff Lee did not and it was in the same spot. 


But in the meantime, I have found another Cliff Lee at bat during the Braves series. 


and this one as well (look at the fourth pitch).

What about this one?



What is this? Seriously. The End.


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