Around the Net 6.05.2012

Welcome to Around the Net, a weekly look through linkage at the Philadelphia Flyers and other news from around the NHL.

The Stanley Cup Finals are just about over…

The former Flyers and Jonathan Quick are making it look easy:[] [Puck Daddy]

Gags returns

Speaking of former Flyers, Simon Gagne played in game 3 and everyone is happy about that:[Broad Street Hockey]

There is always next year and it starts July 1st

A look at the Flyers free agents and who they should bring back: [The Hockey Writers]

In other news

Pens try to plug a hole, let Marc-Andre Fleury sweat a little:[CSN Philly]

Tim Thomas takes his ball and goes home, waiting for the Apocalypse:[]


That’s all for this week, join me next week for more links from around the web on the Flyers and the NHL. 

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