Brandon Boykin Boils Over In Last Chance To Earn Cornerback Role

Brandon Boykin Boils Over In Last Chance To Earn Cornerback Role

It was bound to happen.   Just as his frustrated teammate, Brandon Graham, had vented about wanting a chance to start at outside linebacker  in 2014, so too does Brandon Boykin want the chance to do so in 2015.

It will be an open competition, remember?   It will be a blank slate this year, remember?  It will be best player earns the start this year, remember?  If you've forgotten, Boykin did his best to remind you of that.

So where was this enthusiasm a year ago? It was there, it just never made the press. In fact, Boykin asked to start outside a year ago:

And what if he doesn't make the starting outside cornerback slot for the Eagles? Will Boykin just go through the motions, or will he be trying to showcase his talents for the next team as he'll be eligible for free agency at the end of this year:

But he's been hindered by the lack of height. Is that going to prevent him from going all out to start?

So with the do or die effort, in essence what may be his last opportunity to start at the outside cornerback spot in an Eagles uniform, how does Boykin see his chances?

But what about his new coach, Cory Undlin? When defensive coordinator brought in Kevin Greene, that was the spark that ignited Graham into a wrecking ball in 2014, and likely placed his squarely on the "retain" list of the Eagles in the off-season. This year, Boykin has his own version of a new tutor who seems to be bringing a great deal more to the instruction than "let's go guys!".

Perhaps in a fashion similar to "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas". a part of Brandon Boykin will grow. It won't be his heart. He's got that… plenty of that. But perhaps his stature… his "playing height" will grow three sizes this training camp and pre-season.

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