Eagles Take Huge Risk with Trade up for QB


"It's hard to be great if you don't take risks," Howie Roseman said moments after landing the second overall pick in the NFL Draft next Thursday. The Eagles have taken a huge one.

After playing with the possibility all offseason and seemingly settling on the fact that one of the two top quarterback prospects would not be coming to Philadelphia, Roseman found a way to move up to be in position to select one of the two.

The Eagles certainly mortgaged a lot of the future to do this.

First of all, for next season, the Eagles lose the chance to add an impact player immediately. By signing Sam Bradford to a new deal — at least through next season — earlier this offseason, the Eagles determined who will be starting at quarterback next season, so any quarterback selected, Carson Wentz or Jared Goff, would not be the starter.

But this was about the Eagles getting the quarterback that they think they can build a future around. They are in position to do so now.

"We decided that moving up to the second pick was the right move for our franchise. We're very sure we're going to get the player we want," Roseman said. "We're going to invest in quarterbacks. If you commit that you're going to invest in quarterbacks, sometimes you have to put your money where your mouth is. You have to feel comfortable with both of those quarterbacks. You have to be comfortable with either outcome, which we are."

What does this mean for Sam Bradford, who has been in trade speculation again? Nothing. Roseman, head coach Doug Pederson and owner Jeffrey Lurie have all spoken with the quarterback. Roseman said Bradford will remain the starter.

So immediately, the deal means nothing to the starting quarterback. Bradford is still the guy. Wentz or Goff would be a student.

But in the future, Wentz or Goff would become the guy. And when he does, it better pay dividends.

It's no secret the Eagles have been in quarterback purgatory for the last eight years following the trade of Donovan McNabb. That is why last season all the hype was over Marcus Mariota. This season, the hype isn't quite there with the prospects, but the Eagles burning desire to get a high enough pick to draft a quarterback was as vibrant as ever.

In addition, by the time Wentz or Goff would be ready to take the field as the starter, the Eagles will have likely faced another Draft or two, and lost four picks in the rounds that followed their first-round pick on Thursday.

If this unnamed prospect performs and turns into a star, then the deal will have been worth it. But with value at other positions and the Eagles shortcomings in drafts past, it's hard to not be concerned with the path they took to get there.

Kevin Durso is managing editor for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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