Flyers Draft Pick Scouting Report: Rounds 3-7

By Kevin Durso, Sports Talk Philly editor 

After adding three forwards in the first 35 picks of the NHL Draft, the Flyers added another six players in Rounds 3-7 to close out Day 2.

So let's meet the rest of the 2017 draft class. Here are scouting reports on all of the newest Flyers prospects.

G Kirill Ustimenko – He really made a showing at World Juniors for Russia, posting a 0.50 GAA in two games as Russia took home bronze. His other numbers this season were solid as well, but the brief appearance in World Juniors boosted his stock. Great agility and flexibility and a goalie who is very good at tracking the puck. This is a good sleeper pick at the goalie position.

LW Matthew Strome – There are concerns about Strome's skating ability and a dropoff in scoring this past season after coming out with a tremendous start. He's a goal scorer with pedigree — both of his brothers, Ryan and Dylan, were first-round picks — but he's a project. If the skating doesn't improve, he doesn't have much of an NHL future, but if he can get that solved and play with competitive energy consistently, he's got great scoring potential to fall in as a depth player. For the Flyers to take this player in the fourth round when he was projected to be a second-round pick is a potential steal that could have a huge payoff for the Flyers.

RW Maksim Sushko – A highly competitive forward with a good shot. Another power forward type with a physical game. He doesn't quite have the size as some of the other forwards selected, but he makes up for it with energy. He's got the offensive skillset to have success and is more than willing to shoot the puck, but also has good vision and can set up teammates well. Consider this a wait-and-see pick for the Flyers. He wasn't showcased much this season, so with more playing time, he should be able to make more noise. 

LW Noah Cates – Cates is another player with the potential to be a steal for the Flyers. As their fifth-round selection, this is a forward with good size, tons of speed and explosiveness and very strong puck skills. This is an offensive diamond in the rough, though young because he's just 17. his is a longer term prospect who will need plenty of development and has his sights set on college, but he can be an exciting prospect that can take over a shift with his speed and skill.

C Olle Lycksell – Good offensive potential. Very young player who just barely made the draft cutoff. He will need a lot of time to develop, but the Flyers haven't shied away from the long-term, very young Swedish prospects.

D Wyatt Kalynuk – Solid mobility for a defenseman, Kalynuk has good skating ability and can move the puck well. He's a good passer and can set up teammates. Another work in progress, to be expected with a seventh-round pick.

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