Former Phillies 1B Jim Thome hits his 600th Career Homerun!!!

Posted By Christina Angelos

On June 14, 2004, Thome hit his 400th career home run to the left-center field seats at Citizens Bank Park in a Phillies uniform. What a milestone! However, the Phillies traded Jim Thome to the Chicago White Sox because of the rookie slugger Ryan Howard arrival.

Everyone fell in love with him. Many Phillies fans still follows his amazing career. On August 15, 2011, as a member of the Minnesota Twins, slugger Jim Thome not only hits his 599th career homerun, but he also slammed his 600th career homerun against the Detroit Tigers.

According to @ESPNStatsInfo: Jim Thome hit HRs 599 & 600 in back to back at-bats. He's the 1st player to have 0 at-bats in between 599 & 600; Only three players reached 600 home runs from 1876 to 1971, but Jim Thome is now the fifth to do so since 2002; Thome is the 4th member of the 600 HR club to hit 600 in August. The others are Alex Rodriguez, Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds.

Congratulations  to Jim Thome on his 600th career homerun!!! Let’s go get some more! 



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