Hamels Fans Ten in Twelfth Win of the Season, Phils Defeat Padres 3-1

Posted by Danielle Wilson

Corey Shaw/Philliedelphia

On this sweltering night in Philly, the Padres and Phillies celebrated throwback night, sporting their jerseys from the 80's. Clearly, the outfit fit Cole Hamels very well, seeing that he had a typical 2011 Cole Hamels game.

Thankfully, the Padres were being the Padres tonight, and it really helped the Phils. In fact, the first run scored thanks to a double which sailed over the head of a stretched-out Cameron Maybin. That was Carlos Ruiz's double in the second inning.

Speaking of the second inning, Cole Hamels had a fantastic one, striking out the side. He had struck out six by the end of the second.

In the fourth inning, Luebke apparently balked, which sent Shane Victorino home. John Mayberry doubled in the same inning, which scored Carlos Ruiz.

The Padres only scored one run tonight, on Cam Maybin's groundout in the fifth.

Cole Hamels went above and beyond, striking out ten in eight strong innings. He allowed three hits and one earned run, walking just one batter.

Brad Lidge was available to close tonight, but Charlie Manuel and Rich Dubee stuck with Ryan Madson who pitched a beautiful 1-2-3 inning.

Hamels picked up his much deserved 12th win of the season, which leads the National League. The Phillies will start Kendrick tomorrow against the 5-10 Mat Latos.

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