Joe West Breaks Rules to Use Instant Replay to Call Interference

Posted by Frank Klose


In the 6th inning of the Phillies – Marlins game on Sunday, Hunter Pence hit a long drive to right field in which Marlins outfielder Bryan Petersen jumped to catch the ball. 

It appeared that a fan reached over and did interfere with the ball.

However, interference was not called by the umpires, and Hunter Pence rolled into second base with a double, and Ryan Howard, who was on first base, advanced to third base.

Now, instant replay began for one purpose and one purpose only: to review whether or not a ball hit was a home run.

Umpire Joe West invoked instant replay, which would give him the option to turn the double-call into a home run.

Instead, West used instant replay to turn a double call into an interference call.  While the correct call may have been interference, a missed interference call by the umpire is not grounds for instant replay.

Manager Charlie Manuel was ejected for arguing with West, and the Phillies played the rest of the game under protest.