Phillies’ Postseason Roster: Reserve Position Players

In a previous post, we determined that the Phillies' postseason roster would likely include (at least in the first round) fifteen position players. They have one open spot for a position player who was not on the MLB active roster on 8/31, provided they don't use that spot on a reliever. The "definites" we projected earlier are:

Definite Position Players (9): Ruiz, Howard, Utley, Rollins, Polanco,
Mayberry, Jr., Ibanez, Victorino, Pence

Let's fill the rest of the first round playoff roster, by position.


Brian Schneider (125 PA, .227 wOBA)

Erik Kratz (no MLB stats)

Schneider has had a pitiful season offensively, but the Phillies like his "defense" or "veteranosity", or something. Kratz posted an impressive .372 wOBA in AAA (409 PA). I might have DFA'd Schneider in July, and promoted Kratz, but that may be because Kratz and I have a history. Kratz may be the backup catcher in 2012, but Schneider will be the backup catcher for the playoffs.

Reserve Catcher (1): Schneider


Wilson Valdez (285 PA, .274 wOBA)

Michael Martinez (227 PA, .247 wOBA)

Pete Orr (96 PA, .246 wOBA)

The Phillies will likely carry two backup infielders. They could try to get by with one, but it probably wouldn't be worth risking an injury situation, for the benefit of another weak pinch-hitting option. These guys already provide weak pinch-hitting options. Expect Valdez and Martinez to make the roster, with Orr an injury replacement, if needed.

Reserve Infielders (2): Valdez, Martinez


We have room for three additional outfielders/pinch-hitters, one of whom could be a player who was not on the MLB roster as of 8/31 (such as Domonic Brown, or Brandon Moss).

Ben Francisco (276 PA, .313 wOBA)

Ross Gload (103 PA, .252 wOBA)

Domonic Brown (209 PA, .323 wOBA)

Brandon Moss (no MLB stats, 506 PA/.380 wOBA in AAA)

John Bowker (26 PA, .165 wOBA (MLB)/.363 wOBA in AAA)

Ross Gload, despite his lack of success at hitting, or the ability to offer any sort of value on defense, gets one of the three spots. The Phils like him as a PH, and have kept him around all season to be a postseason pinch-hitter.

Ben Francisco has had a decent MLB season, and is the only right-handed batter here. He grabs the second spot.

That leaves one spot left, with the "extra" playoff roster spot still available. Domonic Brown, Brandon Moss, and John Bowker are the remaining candidates. Bowker has struggled in MLB this season, and appears likely to be nothing more than a potential injury replacement for Ross Gload.

Moss has had a great AAA season, but he is a AAAA-quality player. Domonic Brown had a good July in MLB, but then was demoted to AAA, where he struggled mightily (offensively and defensively). Both are left-handed batters, and would likely only see postseason time as pinch-hitters. The last two weeks of the season could decide this spot. Brown is a key to the Phillies' future. If Brown is still strong mentally, despite his recent struggles in AAA, expect him to be included on the playoff roster.

Reserve Outfielders (3): Francisco, Gload, Brown

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