Weekly Report Card: Bradford, running backs play solid game

There was finally an afternoon where the Eagles put it all together. Good offense, good defense, good special teams — a dominant victory on the scoreboard.

At 2-3, things are not perfect, and there isn't a way to sugarcoat the Eagles victory. They finished with 39 points. At the half, they had just 10.

It may not have been a perfect day on the field, but the score reflected a team with something to build on. And if they can, it could have them in a position to take back the division.

Here is this week's report card.

Pass Offense: Without question, this was Sam Bradford's best game, even with the two interceptions. It was his most consistent performance and he recovered with a strong second half that really put it over the top. There are some passes he would certainly like back, most notably the two picks, but overall, he had a solid day. B

Run Offense: Finally, all three running backs showing the full potential of the running game. DeMarco Murray was as good as he's been all season. Ryan Mathews continues to stand out as a great 1A option. He may be the team's best running back to this point of the season. With a strong game from the offensive line, the Eagles were able to get that running game going. It resulted in two touchdowns. A-

Pass Defense: If it's not third-and-long, they are excellent. If it is, then things get a little shaky. The Eagles gave up some big plays, but got some huge contributions that kept the Saints offense in check. Walter Thurmond grabbed another interception, Byron Maxwell recovered a fumble and Malcolm Jenkins was all over the place again. The pass rush, led by Fletcher Cox's three sacks and two forced fumbles, also had a huge day. A-

Run Defense: Teams just can't get the run going against the Eagles. Even missing players like Mychal Kendricks, this team stacks the line, applies pressure and keeps opposition from moving forward. Week in and week out, they have been the most consistent piece of the Eagles. A

Special Teams: Caleb Sturgis missed an extra point but made four field goals, a solid day all in all. The special teams game was excellent. Josh Huff returned the opening kick to the Eagles 44, a statement start on the first return and in the second half, Chris Maragos had a crushing hit on a kickoff. A-

Overall: It was the most sound game the Eagles have played to this point in the season and one they can build off of. There isn't much to criticize and a lot to praise. But it doesn't erase the performances of the previous four weeks. Still, it's a step in the right direction. A-

Kevin Durso is managing editor for Eagledelphia. Follow him on Twitter @Kevin_Durso.

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