Preview: The Eagles Divisional Round Playoff Match-up With The Saints
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Injury Report: Eagles at Saints

By Gia Lanci, Sports Talk Philly Staff

The Eagles and the Saints injury reports have fluctuated all week. Injuries are a huge factor in must-win games like this. Here is the most recent injury report for Sunday's divisional round playoff game.

Injury Report



QB Carson Wentz

Carson Wentz has been ruled out for a few weeks now. Nick Foles has been the starting quarterback and he has been excelling. If Foles continues to play the way he has been the past few weeks, it should be a really good game. If he continues to play into the playoffs, the discussion about starting quarterbacks next season will be deliberated more and more.


LB D.J. Alexander

Alexander had a full practice on Friday so it is likely he will play on Sunday. He has made an impact on special teams and as a linebacker. This game is all-in, so the more positive reinforcements they can get on any aspect of the ball will be beneficial.

CB Sidney Jones

Jones is still dealing with his hamstring injury. He did not play the past few weeks, but he did practice all week and had a full practice Friday. There is a good chance he will suit up. Because of his absence, Maddox and Douglas have played in his place. They have been doing very well in recent weeks, and I really don’t know if putting Jones back into the mix is a good idea. However, it would be great to get him in there a little bit. The last time we played the Saints, Drew Brees absolutely demolished the secondary, therefore it is essential to not let that happen again. That being said, I think it is an entirely different team, and everyone has awoken since then, especially the secondary. Jones should do nothing but positively benefit the secondary if he plays.

DE Michael Bennett

Bennett did not practice until Friday, which has become recurring throughout the season. Bennett will play, just like the past few weeks he’s been on the injury report. It is vital he plays because of his huge role in the defense. There is no question that there needs to be a ton of pressure on Drew Brees. If the Eagles are going to win the game, that is the key, to impose turnovers and not allow him to get into the end zone. If Bennett is missing, the pressure aspect will be much weaker than if he were to play.

WR Shelton Gibson

Shelton Gibson is questionable with a hamstring injury. He has not seen the field very much, so it will not make a huge impact if he does not play on Sunday.

WR Mike Wallace

Wallace was on injured reserve until this week. His ankle is still recovering from when he was injured in week two, which was the last time we saw anything from him. It would be great just to dip his toe in the water for a few plays, but there is a big chance we won’t see very much of him or any of him at all. He is quick and similar to Golden Tate, so it would be interesting to see him used in deep ball situations.

T Jason Peters

Peters will probably play Sunday, although he had limited practice all week. He played the entirety of the game last week, but you can never tell how many snaps he will play this week. Vaitai will step in for him if he does have to come out. Vaitai is a reliable tackle and will be able to take Peters spot if he must come out.

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WR Simmie Cobbs

He has not played for the Saints since he was picked up in December. This will not affect the Saints offense whatsoever.


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