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7AD49B3A-55D3-45ED-8860-A45A30D2E187Dave Gettleman (R) at his “retirement. Photo: Joe Glorioso/All Pro Reels/Wikimedia Commons


By Michael Lipinski, Sports Talk Philly Editor

The Philadelphia Eagles added to their retooled defense on Wednesday afternoon, officially inking cornerback James Bradberry to a 1-year, $10 million contract.

I say officially because New York Giants fans expected the signing when it became clear that New York couldn’t keep the former Pro Bowler. 

I reached out to a Giants fan to gauge his reaction to the Bradberry signing. The longtime Giants’ season ticket holder requested anonymity for fear of embarrassment.

Anonymity granted.

“I told you before the Eagles win the division. Now they go 13-4 to do it,” the anonymous Giants fan said angrily. Not angry at me or the Eagles but rather his beloved team. 

“F**k Dave Gettleman,” he added. “The ‘Putz of East Rutherford’ strikes again! The gift of Gettleman keeps on giving. Use that as your headline.” 

A little harsh but oh so true.  Former New York general manager Dave Gettleman is the gift that keeps on giving.  The now “retired” executive has left the Giants in cap and draft hell which benefits the Philadelphia Eagles greatly. 

Just take a look at the Bradberry situation.  Two-years removed from a Pro Bowl season; the Giants were forced to cut the cornerback because they would be unable to sign their 2022 NFL Draft class.  That’s the kind of thing that happens when you go all in playing Madden NFL Football on XBox.  That shouldn't happen in the actual NFL.  

Bradberry cost the Giants $11.7 million in dead cap space for 2022 and he’s now signed with their division rival.  That’s incredible.  

The Giants don’t have a quarterback, they have a running back with a bum knee, and they lack offensive weapons.  To top it off, they can’t sign any significant free agents for the next few seasons because Gettleman kicked the can down the road with bad contracts.  

The anonymous Giants fan is right, Gettleman is the gift that keeps on giving and he’s made the Eagles path to an NFC East championship significantly easier.  When you look at the big picture, the Eagles are best positioned in the division for the long haul too.  

Washington is Washington, between Daniel Snyder and Carson Wentz it might be fun to watch the upcoming implosion on the beltway.  The Cowboys, like the Giants, have been hamstrung by dysfunction in their front office and bad contracts.  Dak Prescott doesn't have the weapons he needs to succeed, the offensive line is always hurt, and Ezekiel Elliott is a drain on the finances.

It’s amazing that after all the chaos in Philadelphia, the Wentz drama, Doug Pederson leaving, Howie being Howie, that the Eagles are once again the class of the division.  

To quote the late, great Roy Halladay, “it’s only going to get funner.” 


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