Allen Iverson chose gambling in Chicago over his Big 3 game in Dallas on Sunday


By Josh Liddick, Sports Talk Philly editor 

After missing his Big3 game on Sunday in Dallas, TMZ Sports has reported that Allen Iverson was out having a little too much fun at a casino near Chicago Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

The Big3 league launched an investigation into where Iverson was on Sunday, and he ended up being at a local restaurant in Chicago wearing the same exact clothes he was wearing at the casino.

This is not the first time Iverson has been the center of controversy the last couple months, after not playing his return to Philadelphia earlier on in the Big3 season.

Unsurprisingly, these antics aren't unusual for Iverson, in fact, this is a normal occurrence for the NBA Hall of Famer and Sixers legend.

It's obvious that this Big3 league isn't at the top of Iverson's priorities right now, but there is no further explanation of the situation at this present time.

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