Congratulations, Larry Beinfest! Marlins Free Talented GM From Jeffrey Loria’s Shackles

Beinfest, left, introduces Jack McKeon as interim manager

In another one of Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria's disgusting moves, the Marlins finally formally fired their talented General Manager Larry Beinfest.   Beinfest had been with the Marlins since 2002 and  build and dissasembled two talented teams, acquiring players both times that would be top players in the Major Leagues.  The joke's on Loria: Beinfest is free from the shackles of tyricannical Marlins and can move on to bigger, better things.

The rich, arrogant Jeffrey Loria, who defrauded Miami taxpayers into building him a stadium that will make him millions of dollars by giving Beinfest money to sign free agent players.  But, almost predictably, Loria cried broke and forced him to sell off all the players.   The Marlins payroll is one of the lowest in all of baseball.

The Miami Herald wrote earlier this month that Beinfest could go, mainly because Loria wants to make all the decisions himself:

Sources said Loria is now making most — if not all — of the baseball decisions, which is fueling speculation that president of baseball operations Larry Beinfest and team president David Samson could be ousted after the season.

“He has marginalized the front office,” said a major-league source, who spoke only on the condition of anonymity. “The front office isn’t making decisions. Loria makes them all.”

Like the dismissals of Joe Girardi and Freddy Gonzalez, there are teams out there salivating over hiring Beinfest.  His acquistion of young talent is just want most teams are looking for.  Expect him to remain out of work only a short while.   Once locked into a contract with owner Jeffrey Loria, Beinfest will be free to sign with a team who will treat him with dignity and respect.

Congratulations, Larry.

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