Darren Daulton Reportedly Stopped Mitch Williams From Attacking Lenny Dykstra At Autograph Show

Lenny Dykstra at today's signing, courtesy of John Papieka (@HFUJohn)

Lenny Dykstra, fresh out of prison, apparently still knows how to find trouble.  Today at the Granite Run Mall, Poppel Sports hosted a "Macho Row" reunion and autograph signing that included Darren Daulton, Mitch Williams, Dave Hollins and Lenny Dykstra.

Philly INK reports:

As nice as it was to meet everyone and get some graphs, the highlight of the day was clearly Dutch stopping Mitch Williams from attacking Lenny Dykstra. Would love to know what that 20 year disagreement was about.

Reader Matt (@bigrothy on Twitter) saw the ordeal.  He reports the following:

Dude wanted to shake hands, but Williams wanted no part of it and gave Lenny a slight shove.  Lenny: "Come on its all good."
Mitch: "You need to learn to shut your f'n mouth."

Dykstra has been openly critical of Williams for the last 20 years since the Phillies lost the 1993 World Series to the Torono Blue Jays.   See this clip from NBC10 to see a little more about how the two of them have gotten along over the years.

h/t to Matt Erbele for the heads up and to Joe Tomszak for the link to the video.

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