Even Though Ineligible for the Postseason, Is Juan Pierre Drawing Trade Interest?


Juan Pierre survived the non-waiver trade deadline.  Juan Pierre survived the waiver trade deadline.  Any team acquiring Juan Pierre after that deadline would be unable to use him in the playoffs.  But that has not stopped teams from being interested.   Danny Knobler of CBS Sports reports that the Orioles "have some interest" in acquiring Pierre.

You see, the Orioles leadoff hitter, Nick Markakis suffered a broken hamate bone on a CC Sabathia fastball.  Markakis is going to miss the rest of the regular season and possibly some of the postseason. So, Pierre would help the Orioles get to the finish line and close at least some of the considerable gap caused by their leadoff hitter being out of the  lineup.   That is, if the Phillies are willing.

According to Knobler's report, they are not.  At least, not yet.

It sounds like the Phillies are prepared to keep Pierre to ride this hot streak as long as they can.  If they make the playoffs, they would be happy to have him.  Besides, what would the Orioles be willing to pay for three weeks of Juan Pierre?  Probably not much.

At this point, keep him around, please.

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