Former Phillies, Current Pirates RHP Chad Qualls “Helps Destroy” Both Pennsylvania Teams in One Year?


Great line from CBS Sports' Danny Knobler tonight:

Yes, it's true.  Chad Qualls has been absolutely horrible.   Tonight the Pittsburgh Pirates had a 7-4 lead over the Milwaukee Brewers, and then entered Chad Qualls.

Qualls got one out and managed to give up three earned runs, eliminating the Pirates' lead.  His ERA is, as Knobler mentions, 7.94.  For the season, Qualls has five "blown saves", where he gave up the lead in an inning, not including times when his team was one run behind and it was suddenly three or four. 

The Brewers ended up winning 9-7, hurting both the Pirates and the Phillies.  The Brewers remain ahead of the Phillies and the Pirates in the Wild Card chase, with the Pirates falling to below the .500 for the first time this season since their Opening Day loss.  What seemed like such a promising season for the Pirates has been shot.

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